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Uppababy Vista stroller cleaning with Clean Baby Gear
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Uppababy Vista stroller cleaning with Clean Baby Gear


We're not just a baby gear cleaning service. We are your EXPERT baby gear cleaning service. If you're looking to "just have you baby gear cleaned", we cannot assist you.


Honestly, because anyone can just clean baby gear. Heck you can even toss some fabrics in the washer! 


However, if you're looking for a service, that has your back and goes the extra mile to ensure that your gear is not only clean. But also, SAFE. You're in the right spot!


No other baby gear cleaning service has 6 over years' experience in the business in NY now also GA along with 21 years of personal experience: Our founder Danielle Officer has 5 humans (21, 11, 8, 2 & 1) 


Cleaning is but a small part of what we do. Our core is safety and education. "I personally researched and tested the composition of various products to see how they interact and breakdown with different materials and substances to ensure not only that your child is safe that the products we use do not break down your textiles or hard functional safety joints".

We are the only service that actually cares to check your child's car seats to ensure you're not using an expired or recalled car seat PRIOR to cleaning. Other companies don't even know how to check for an expiration date and will clean a return an expired, recalled COMPLETELY UNSAFE car seat to you! 


To speak further on our expertise. Customers have asked if we will only clean a stroller's seat and not the frame. We believe the stroller's frame is actually the most integral part that should be regularly maintained. With the various elements and terrains, that we experience:wz rust, sand or gravel can form in your tire joints making it hard for wheels to turn. Or perhaps even get stuck and your stroller flipping over!! Without regular Maintenance, your stroller will begin to a hard time folding and unfolding! 

If you need help choosing the right stroller or need to know how to fit 3 car seats across consult with our founder Danielle Officer (The Baby Gear Guru).


"I believe baby gear has to be matched to the family's lifestyle and to ensure the to the RIGHT fit parents and caregivers have to actually test gear out"

She can consult with you individually or as a family and is obsessed with baby gear! In the near future Clean Baby Gear, Inc will also be able to assist you in selling your professionally maintained gear for a higher price in the used baby gear market because the maintenance, warranty & recalls have been tracked and documented = you receiving a higher sales price... High end baby gear is an investment, no different than your car. If you take care of it!

Again, anyone can clean baby gear. Experts have the experience!

. "My purpose with Clean Baby Gear, Inc is to assist and educate parents because the world of baby gear is confusing as hell!." 

                                                        ~XOXO Danielle

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