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Repair Services

Turnaround time is typically 7 days for most standard repairs, longer if special parts need to be ordered.


Please email us for a quote, and if possible include pictures of the damage and the serial number for your stroller.

Full Maintenance and Tune-Up

  • Stroller frame cleaning and wipe-down

  • Hinge lubrication

  • Brake and suspension check with lubrications and tightening, if needed

  • Handlebar and button functionality checks

  • Wheel detailing: Cleaning and lubrication, tire pressure checked and filled

  • Inspection of fabric buckles, straps, canopy wires, any stroller parts for damage and recommendation of replacement parts

  • Service DOES NOT include stroller fabric cleaning



A La Carte Repairs

Labor Only (parts must be purchased separately)

  • Tire change and check

  • Stroller fabric change

  • Harness strap change and check

  • Brake and suspension check

  • Brake repair or replacement

  • Hinge lubrication

  • Wheel detailing: Cleaning & lubrication, tire pressure checked & filled

  • Tire inner tube replacement