Specialized deep cleaning for strollers that have never been cleaned before, had a good amount of use, are being passed on to other kids, or have mold or bodily accident substances.

Single Stroller, Deep Cleaning

Mold Removal
    • Complete tune up

    • Two sessions of 312 degree steam cleaning

    • Three sessions of fabric deep cleaning by hand

    • Sanitizing and disinfecting treatment

    • Vacuuming

    • Canopy cleaning 

    • Bodily accident removal

    • Harness and buckle deep cleaning

    • Storage basket vacuum & stain cleaning

    • Sunblock removal

    • Parent organizer and cup holder cleaned

    • Tires removed and hand cleaned and wrapped upon completion

    • All joints cleaned and lubricated

    • All natural fabric freshener

    • Maintenance reminder card

    • Warranty claim assistance *

    • Complimentary minor repair*

    • Recall check 

    • Expiration status 

    *When applicable


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