Buying a used stroller? Read our tips first!

There are many things to look out for, and that can even be dangerous when using a hand-me-down stroller that you bought in a garage sale or on a marketplace. Often these items have not been properly maintained or serviced.

Check for RECALLS According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are a number of strollers out in the marketplace that are not safe for kids to use. Some strollers even pose a strangulation hazard. The American publication says that although several of the strollers it has identified as strangulation risks over the years were recalled, some of them are still available for sale. I recently found a couple of them on Facebook Marketplace.

Check for recealls using the serial/model number from the manufacture sticker. It may be located on the left or right back axel, near the break, or near a folding mechanism.


Check the BRAKES The brakes of that stroller may not be that tight compared to those of the new ones. In most exceedingly awful situations, brakes may not hold when locked or bolted.


Inspect the TIRES. The one part that most significantly affects a stroller's performance, both and good and terrible, is the size and type of the wheels. Inspect tires for signs of wear, cracking, splitting, rust, or a flat are signs the tires may need to be replaced. If you have a heavy little one, you may want to consider a stroller with air-filled tires. The more weight, the bigger the wheels; the better the ride.


HARNESS & BUCKLES Make sure that the seatbelts and buckles are locked properly to hold your little ones. There is a huge possibility that the restraing buckles could be damaged or not work at all.

When you have curious little ones, they may be thinking of escaping; these incidents are common to those babies whose ages are 1-3 years of age.


HINGES Examine the majority of the stroller’s hinges with amazing consideration. Watch that there’s sufficient space for a pencil (the approximate size of a little child’s finger) to move easily between the hinge parts amid hood change. Take a good look at toddlers whenever you’re adjusting the hood of the stroller. Examples of other stroller defects: unsafe hinges that can cause fingertip amputation and laceration


FRAME & LOCKING LATCH Lock and unlock the frame and inspect for possible sharp edges, loose pieces. There are occurrences that the stroller’s locking latch is broken; also, improperly secured product parts can cause the stroller to come apart during use. This may create a fall hazard.

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