Are you putting your baby at risk? | Dangers of improperly using a stroller on an escalator.

Toting a loaded stroller with a toddler or infant onto an escalator is a simple task that we've all done at one time or another.


Recently, it dawned on me how dangerous this simple action can actually be. I mean consider the possibility that your stroller could lose balance (especially fully loaded with mommy hooks), and even topple over, or the wheels getting stuck. How about any hanging scarves, cords, or strings getting caught in the conveyor?

Disclaimer: This video is graphic and not suitable for all audiences

In fact, many escalator manufacturers actually ban the use of any wheeled device on an escalator, such as strollers for precisely this reason. Despite escalator guidelines parents may not even consider the dangerous potetinal risks associated.

Look it's 2021 and finding an escalator in NYC can be a blessing for us toting little ones.

Here's how we can use it properly

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