All About Stroller warranties | Checkout some of the top brands warranty.

Warranty coverage can be an important factor to consider when you're investing in a stroller to last through multiple children. Registering your stroller within the first 3 months (from the date of purchase) makes it easier to get it repaired or replaced using the warranty, you'll also receive information about product recalls.

There are some things not covered by a warranty such as:

  • Normal wear and tear due to prolonged use.

  • Damage due to accident (including lost/stolen products), abuse or neglect, due to improper storage/care of the product

  • If the stroller purchased is second hand or from a reseller (such as eBAY, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace etc)

  • Corrosion or rust on the wheels and chassis due to environmental conditions, including high humidity, salt spray, ice or snow, or even due to lack of maintenance

  • Incorrect assembly, or installation of a third party part or accessory that is not compatible with the original design

  • Damage to fabrics (natural breakdown of colors and materials) as a result of normal handling and daily use over a period of time

  • When the product has not been used for its original purpose, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

  • If the product has been dismantled, or if repair or modification has been carried out by an unauthorized party

  • Airline/Transport damage: You should carefully check your stroller/car seat after it has been handled by the airline (or other transporters), and in case of damage, you should submit the claim directly to the airline/transporter.

  • Buyers dissatisfaction in terms of disliking the fit, functionality, color or style

  • If the serial number has been removed or damaged.

Buying a new stroller? Checkout some of the top brands warranty.



2 years

3 years if registered within 3 months of purchase

Tires included

Covers: All strollers, selecet accessories (Carrycot, Rumbleseat, From birth kit and piggy back)


TravelSafe Program guarantees your stroller, car seat, RumbleSeat, or Bassinet during air travel! Register both your gear and your Travel Bag before your departure, and any damage incurred during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby.

under the terms of your original warranty.



5 Years: Thule Child Bike Seats:

Limited Lifetime: Thule Urban Glide 2, Thule Glide 2:

Limited Lifetime on Frame/3 years fabric and parts: Thule Sleek, Thule Spring



2 years

Covers: All manufacturing defects on the chassis, frame and wheels and all the textiles pieces and harness of the BABYZEN™ strollers.



2 Years

3 years if registered within 3 months of purchase

Covers: Any defects in the chassis, frames, wheels, zippers, harnesses, seams in the covering, Velcro, and colorfastness of your Bugaboo product.


B.O.B Gear

1 Year on components and fabric

5 years on frame

Important to consider when jogging often



Lifetime warranty on stroller

2 years on accessories

3 years if registered within 3 months of purchase



Lifetime warranty on breaking welds and frame tube damage.

1 year warranty on Textile or soft side materials, the folding mechanism, and all other components



2 years

This warranty period cannot be extended, even if the product has to be repaired.

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